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Justin Stewart Actor/Screenwriter/Sound Designer

About Me

Justin Stewart starred for a couple of years in a combination live-action and animated educational children’s program while living in Beijing, China. He has years of experience acting in local films with SprocketHeads, Bradford Jackson Films, Baird Media, Sadboiz Studios with a bit of love from A Bit Much Productions, and Söm Ep’Laceak media. He’s also been the Sound Designer for Rocket Joe Films’ “No Way Out” and “Hoody”, and Screenwriter for “Repose of the Soul”. He was winner of the 2015 Anchorage 48 Hour Film Challenge in “King of The Night Time World” with Fix it in Post Productions and was winner of the 2016 ARTic Convergence Film Festival in “When She Begins To Sway” with De Gosh Freelance Photos, Art, Videos, lights and sound, which also screened at 2016 ACDA Northwest Regional Conference.