Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I donate the $25 to myself?
A: YES! As long as your Extra Life account shows that you have $25 raised, rather it comes from you or donors, you can reserve your seat.

Q: My Extra Life account doesn’t have my legal name. How do I prove that it was me who reserved the seat?
A: We hope that you would change your Extra Life account name before reserving your seat. If you did not do that then make sure to put your legal name in the “Equipment Specs” section of the LAN Registration form with the ID number you are using to prove it is you. 

Q: Does the parent or guardian have to raise $25 dollars?
A: No. If the parent or guardian doesn’t plan to play during XtraFest they will not raise the $25 dollars

Q: Can I register 2 seats with 1 Extra Life account, if I have raised $50 dollars?
A: No. You will need to create a second Extra Life account to register the second seat.

Q: Can I show up late to XtraFest?
A: You bet! Just let us know in the “Equipment Specs” section of the LAN Registration form when you will arrive at XtraFest!

Q: Can I have a PC and Console at one seat?
A: No. Each section of the seating chart has dedicated power base of average wattage for consoles and PCs. Plugging in PC into the console area could cut the power to your section.

Q: Will there be a safe area for my gear if I leave but plan to come back?
A: Yes. However, space will be very limited and we recommend you taking your gear with you if you plan to leave for a long period of time.

Q: Will my space be saved if I leave for a long period of time.
A: Yes. However, you must tell a volunteer or organizer that you will be leaving and coming back. If you do not after 1 hour we will assume you left and release the seat to those on the waiting list. If you leave your gear for 1 hour and you did not mention to a volunteer or organizer that you were leaving then a volunteer or organizer will move your gear to the safe area and release your seat to those on the waiting list. Alaska Filmmakers, its operation staff, and sponsors not any liable regarding your involvement with the Alaska Filmmakers.

Q: Will the public be able to enter XtraFest if they are not apart of the LAN itself?
A: Yes! We would love to have anyone and everyone join us for XtraFest. We plan to have vendor booths like Boscos having an area with chairs and a couch for people to read comics and play board games. We will have a suggested donation to Extra Life of $5.00 for those attendees.

Q: Will there to food/drink at XtraFest?
A: Yes. There will be food/drink. We are currently in the process of finding out who will be providing the food and the cost but you can rest assured that food/drink will be at XtraFest. “Like” Extra Life Alaska or keep your eyes open on Facebook for future updates on this question.